Better care starts with safety and comfort.

Patient Apparel

From our years of experience in serving the needs of our customers, Encompass has developed comprehensive patient apparel offering which is unmatched in the industry. By always taking into account the importance of patient comfort and modesty, as well as the need to support and promote patient care, we create product that possesses the optimum combination of style, durability and construction. In collections such as our Starlight™ Pediatric Apparel, you will see this commitment to providing innovative, quality product that promotes comfort and healing for all patient needs.

Laundry and Linen Catalog
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Monet and Shooting Star Coordinates Collections

Our Monet and Shooting Star Coordinates Collections provide the ultimate in styling, comfort, modest, durability and processing ease all in one coordinated patent apparel collection. Each collection centers around Patient Gowns and IV/Telemetry Gowns and offers options for coordinating Pajamas and Robes.

Impressions Patient Apparel

Encompass' Impressions patient apparel is designed to provide the ultimate in patient comfort and modesty, well-sized garments in attractive colors and prints are pleasing to the patient or resident and enhance your facility's overall care environment.

Essentials Patient Apparel

Essentials offers traditionally styled and sized apparel that balances comfort and value. The cost-effective solution to your patient apparel needs.

Merit Patient Apparel

Merit patient apparel provides you with a low-cost patent apparel solution designed provide basic functionality.

Pediatric Patient Apparel

Encompass understands what families go through when a child is sick, and how important it is to be surrounded by an environment that assists a child's natural ability to cope and heal. With cheerful colors and prints, and fabrics that are soft and comfortable, our pediatric apparel provides you with safe, laundry-friendly alternative your patients and families are sure to love!