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Incontinent Care

At Encompass, we know that incontinent care is a sensitive issue, one that needs to be handled with quality products provided by an experienced and knowledgeable company. Through our partnership with MIP, an internationally-recognized market leader in quality incontinent care products, Encompass is able to provide its customers with superior performing products that meet the specialized needs of the incontinent patient.

Encompass provides a complete line of incontinent care products including underpads, adult briefs, diapers, and adult clothing protectors. Our underpads and briefs are available in a variety of facing fabric, soaker weight and blend, and size, giving our customers the ability to make the right choices for their patients.

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Incontinent Underpads

We offer a full line of underpads, all with the goal of providing protection of the patient on top, as well as the bed underneath.

At the top end of our range are underpads intended for the ultimate in Patient Care. Led by the DermaCare Patient Care underpad, these products are all designed with Stay-Dry technology to wick moisture away from the skin as quickly as possible to help prevent skin breakdown. With its laminated construction, the DermaCare pad is the thinnest reusable underpad available today, to reduce the possibility of excess pressure on the skin, and reduce risk of friction and skin shearing.

We also provide pads that are bonded which provide tremendous durability and ease of use in processing. In total, the Encompass under pad offering can provide an answer to any patient need and care giver requirement.

( DermaCare PDF )

Adult Briefs

Our line of adult briefs and diapers allows patients to enjoy confidence and surety without compromising on dignity and modesty. Highly protective and still very comfortable these products provide the perfect blend. The line includes fitted briefs as well as flat-snap diapers. Facing fabrics include soft synthetics or poly/cotton blends.

Adult Clothing Protectors

An array of colors, sizes, prints, and construction makes up this extensive line, giving your facility a means of filling any and all requirements. Whether the need is for a standard terry clothing protector or a barrier clothing protector with an elegant print we have the product you need.