Better care starts with safety and comfort.

Performance, comfort and safety are key to a successful personal protection protocol in today's demanding healthcare environment.

As a leader in this market, Encompass understands your needs and provides a wide selection of personal protective equipment to be integrated throughout your facility.

The Encompass portfolio offers a wide selection of materials and products that provide choices in levels of protection, style and construction features to meet your needs in any application or procedure from basic coverage through impervious, including exclusive performance enhanced surgical fabrics such as Optiguard® and SafeGuard. Our performance-driven product development process combined with over 30 years of manufacturing experience delivers leading edge protective products to address general precaution areas, labs and surgical suites.

Materials, designs and construction methods are carefully selected by our product teams to maximize each products comfort and life through the entire spectrum of use. All Encompass protective apparel is latex-free and generously sized to allow for comfortable movement.

Encompass' commitment to quality ensures all of our protective products meet or exceed established performance standards every time, including three levels of AAMI classified disposable gowns which are independently tested for integrity and reliability.

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Disposable Precaution Gowns

Disposable Precaution Gowns

Techstyles® disposable precaution gowns are available in a comprehensive two tier offering comprised of a wide variety of styles and materials designed to meet the needs of facilities focused on prevention through protection.

( Disposable Protective Gowns PDF )

All of these products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2001 quality standards and continually tested against strict performance measures to ensure you receive the protection and comfort you need and deserve from basic to AAMI Level 3. For information on our protection classifications click here

( Protection Classifications PDF )

SafeCare™ Silver Reusable Lab Coat with X-Static technology

SafeCare® Silver Reusable Lab Coat
with X-Static technology

Encompass delivers world class protection and performance in a new innovation - a META® lab coat featuring X-Static® antimicrobial technology. Specifically designed to protect the lab coat from bacterial growth, the X-Static® silver technology offers comprehensive and continuous protection for the life of the garment. The lab coat also delivers superior comfort by regulating temperature, eliminating odors, and reducing static build-up. You will know your lab coat is protected for its usable life because you can actually see the silver!

( Reusable Lab Coat with X-Static PDF )

To learn more about HAIs and soft surface contamination, and the
X-Static® solution, please click here.

SafeCare™ Reusable Precaution Gowns

SafeCare® Reusable Precaution Gowns

Within healthcare facilities, universal precaution and infection control are simply a way of life. They have become not just a convenience but also a necessity. The Encompass line of Reusable Precaution Gowns provides you the right products to meet this necessary requirement.

We offer several different styles of reusable isolation and precaution gowns to meet your exact needs from basic coverage to fluid resistant.

( Reusable Precaution Gowns PDF )

Limited-Use Staff Coats and Jackets

Limited-Use Staff Coats and Jackets

Techstyles® limited-use staff coats and jackets are generously sized and available in a two tier offering of traditional protective materials.

( Limited Use Staff Jackets and Coats PDF )

We recently introduced the market's first high-performance limited-use staff jacket to incorporate Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology. The torso of these jackets is made of lightweight Thermoflect which is inherently impervious and retains the body's endogenous heat providing warm and comfortable protection throughout the day.

( Thermoflect PDF )

SafeCare™ Fluid Resistant Reusable Lab Coats

SafeGuard; Fluid Resistant Reusable Lab Coats

Encompass offers the protective and professional lab apparel you need to outfit your staff against the potential hazards of a healthcare environment.

( SafeGuard PDF )

When our full line of professional lab apparel is included, this selection ranges from basic protective coverage to fluid resistance. Along with the quality products from Encompass, this selection features staff and protective apparel from another of our most recognized names in healthcare apparel, White Swan-Meta.

( White Swan Brands Website )

Disposable Coveralls

Disposable Coveralls

Techstyles® disposable coveralls feature a full-zipper front and are available in straight ankle and cuff or elastic ankle and cuff styles.

( Disposable Coveralls PDF )

Facial Protection

Facial Protection

Techstyles® facial protection products are constructed of lightweight, anti-static, non-glare, fog free materials for superior optical clarity and comfort.

( Facial Protective Wear PDF )

Facial Protection

Complementary Protective Products

Techstyles® complementary protective products include bouffant caps, shoe covers and boot covers to assist with basic cross-contamination prevention measures.

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