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Thermoflect® heat reflective technology is a proactive protocol that has been trusted by clinicians world-wide for over 20 years to protect at-risk patients from unplanned hypothermia through the use of science instead of electricity. ( Learn More )

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Thermoflect Patient Care Products

Thermoflect® Patient Care Products

Thermoflect patient care products are available in a variety of configurations and procedure packs for easy implementation into current protocols. It is most effective when applied pre-operatively and safely travels along with the patient throughout the perioperative journey.

Thermoflect Patient Apparel Products

Thermoflect® Patient Apparel Products

Thermoflect patient apparel products are designed to allow the patient maximum range of motion while waiting pre-operatively. The products are lightweight and warm using the patient's endogenous heat. There is no extrinsic risk of thermal injury due to temperature variances or hosing.

Thermoflect Pediatric Products

Thermoflect® Pediatric Products

Thermoflect pediatric products are a fun and effective solution for children from neo-natal to youth. All of the products in this line meet CFR Part 1615, Standard for Flammability of Children's Sleepwear Sizes 0-6X or CFR Part 1616, Standard for Flammability of Children's Sleepwear Sizes 7-14.

Thermoflect Personal Protective Apparel Products

Thermoflect® Personal Protective Equipment

Thermoflect personal protective equipment keeps staff warm in cold environments and the torsos of these products are inherently impervious.

Thermoflect Specialty Products

Thermoflect® Specialty Products

Thermoflect specialty products provide unparalleled flexibility and are a stand-alone solution for adverse environments and disaster preparedness plans.